October 15, 2021

Achieve Natural-Looking Results with The Clifford Clinic’s Aesthetic Treatments

The people of today are no strangers to the aesthetic industry and its services — with most taking their love for beauty one step further by opting for cosmetic treatments like Botox and fillers to alter their look. 

Contrary to popular belief, aesthetic services are not limited to just feminine-presenting women on the quest to improve their looks. Aesthetic clinics also offer a variety of advanced services such as mole and tattoo removalhair transplants, and eye lifts for those who require a subtle fix to their appearance. A little goes a long way and all that. 

Enter: The Clifford Clinic, one of Singapore’s esteemed aesthetic clinics that offers patients natural-looking results with a short recovery process. The clinic guarantees that you’ll be left in the good hands of their doctors who have over 40 years of experience in Dermatology, Aesthetics, and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, offering you only the best recommendations and treatments during your time with them. Their most notable treatment? A special skin rejuvenation procedure called Profhilo®.

Let’s say you’re a working woman showing rapid signs of skin ageing from stress looking for a quick fix to your appearance. For your case, you may opt for Profhilo® to inject Hyaluronic Acid (HA) into your skin, increasing natural collagen and elastin production in your skin’s dermis as well as firming and hydrating your skin for a more youthful complexion. Thus, if you’re looking for a cure to problem areas like large pores, dull skin, sagging skin, or fine lines and wrinkles, Profhilo® is definitely one to consider. 

Once administered, Profhilo® will treat multiple layers of your skin and bio-remodel it in three ways: Stimulate fibroblast cells to increase your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production in the dermis, provide structure to your skin to counter sagging, and hydrate your skin from the inside out while maintaining elasticity for a dewy, more youthful appearance. Call it a youth elixir, if you will. 

On top of that, Profhilo® is the first hydrating and regenerative treatment to eliminate additional chemical stabilisers, reducing potential side effects and making it safer as compared to other products in the market. The best part? The treatment is mostly painless, long-lasting, and requires little to no downtime for recovery — meaning that you can go about your day as per normal after the procedure. 

As it is, not all injectables are considered skin boosters or dermal fillers. Profhilo®’s advanced nature, for example, classifies it as a bio-remodelling injectable — packed in individual pre-filled 2ml syringes that are administered via thin (29g) injection needles to 10 specific points on your face for maximised efficacy. And unlike traditional skincare products like retinol that take a while to show results, aesthetic services such as Profhilo® typically show results just a month after your first session — making it worth every penny. 

It is worth noting that when considering treatment of this sort, most ponder whether such aesthetic services are safe for use. The answer is yes, only when conducted safely and professionally by trained doctors. Although, we do recommend consulting a trusted professional before deciding to go through with any cosmetic procedure as a rule of thumb. 

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