October 18, 2021

Do You Need Profhilo? Here’s The Goss & My Experience at The Clifford Clinic

It’s been a hot minute and the aesthetic industry is BOOMING with the talks of the legendary Profhilo treatment. Honestly, everyone is talking about it but I had NO IDEA what it really is all about. Is Profhilo like botox? Is it a filler? What kind of difference does it make on my face? I had so many questions and of course, I had to take it to my go-to trusted aesthetic clinic, The Clifford Clinic, for an answer. Fret not, I went through a course of Profhilo Treatment so I can give you my in depth experience and thoughts about it.

​If you are a curious aesthetic junkie like me, you definitely want to read on to understand what Profhilo actually is, how it helps your skin and is it really worth shelling the money for.

What Is Profhilo?

Let’s get the big elephant out of the room. What is Profhilo? Simply put, it is NOT botox or your regular injectable fillers. Yup, scratch that idea out of your mind right now. 
Originated from Italy, Profhilo is basically an injectable fountain of youth and is one of the best treatment to combat ageing. The innovation of Profhilo is so unique that nothing rivals to how this injectable actually works. It is made up of 100% thermally bonded Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which makes it an excellent hydrator instead of a filler.

What sets Profhilo apart is it consists of hyaluronic acid molecules in varying molecular weight. This leading technology is patented by Profhilo which gives them a breakthrough at providing skin remodelling at a cellular level. The slow release of HA due to their different molecular size, is able to promote collagen and elastin production, thus turning back the signs of ageing. 

When you are getting your Profhilo procedure done, remember to look out for the above QR code to ensure that you are using an authentic Profhilo!

Who Is It For?

Honestly, any one! I definitely would not peg an age to this but if I have to, I would say mid-twenties and up. Profhilo is able to improve a person’s skin tone, skin hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Basically, if you feel like your skin needs a pick-me-up, this is for you. 

Profhilo can be injected on the face, neck, decollate, arms, knees & hands. Sadly, it is not (yet) approved for the forehead (trust me, I checked) but I definitely hope it will soon!

My Experience

Having tried a wide array of aesthetic treatments, I was definitely super curious about Profhilo. It is so different compared to all the injectables I have tried. Just for context, I have done skin boosters, injectable stem cells, Rejuranfillersbotox and probably a whole load more. Nothing came close to how Profhilo was designed to work for the skin. As such, I penned the date down and popped by The Clifford Clinic to get my dose of Profhilo done.
As I arrive, I had the usual numbing cream applied and had to wait for a bit for it to take full effect. By the time I was ushered in to meet the doctor, I was sufficiently numbed for what’s to come.
Being completely new to Profhilo, we did a reality check to manage my expectations. I was told that Profhilo does not alter the physical appearance of my face like how fillers or botox would. Rather, it helps to moisturise my skin from within & give my skin a much needed boost of youthful glow.
That being said, the doctor proceeded to mark the entry points for my face. This is something that I would love to highlight to everyone: There is only 5 injection points to each side of the face! As such, you can definitely expect lesser pain, lower risk of bruising and a much safer procedure as the injection points are far from major nerves and blood vessels.
When injecting Profhilo, it is key to be able to see these tiny mosquito bite-like bumps. This is a sign that your doctor has administered it correctly. If you do not see these bumps, then it is equivalent to money wasted. I have not tried it on the neck or other parts of my body so I am unable to share with you how it is supposed to look like. Please ask your doctor for the most professional advice when it comes to the correct injection technique. 

Is It Painful?

The vibration device distracts you from the pain during injection.
Pain level wise, I would rate it a 6/10. My benchmark for the most painful treatment that I have went through is hand injecting Rejuran all over my face. That is approximately more than 100 injection sites over my entire face and it was excruciating. What sets this apart is the minimal 5 injection sites, which makes it super bearable.

However, I have to mention that Profhilo is slightly thicker in consistency compared to any of the other injectables, hence you may feel a slight discomfort as the doctor injects the gel into the skin. It was also much more bearable as the nurse would place a distraction vibrating device on my face so that I am unable to feel much of the pain. Personally for me, my chin area was much more sensitive compared to my chubby cheeks. 

In all honesty, would I go through the pain of Profhilo again? YUP!


I walked of the clinic looking like I gave some mosquitoes a feast. There were 5 little bumps on each side of my face but I managed to hide it under my mask. Getting any form of aesthetic treatments done during this pandemic is probably the best time. NOBODY would ever know since we are all covered up in masks or have the best excuse not to leave the house. 

The bumps gradually became calmer after about 3-4 hours and the redness disappeared as well. The bumps felt like nothing on my face, there was no soreness and I could go ahead with my usual skincare routine without any discomfort.

I was pleasantly surprised by my skin the next day! My skin visually looks plumper, brighter and it had a much softer texture. It looked like a very good skincare night for me which honestly, I did not spend much effort on because I wanted to document the true difference of Profhilo on my skin. The bumps were 98% gone now and I could go ahead with my day as per usual.
The biggest improvement for me post treatment is my skin tone. My skin tone became so much brighter and it had a luminous glow from within. My skin had the Korean glass skin effect naturally without the use of any makeup. Profhilo also helped in plumping up my skin, making it look much more youthful. My hairstylist even commented that my skin is so smooth, he wondered what kind of facial or skincare product was I using. I noticed the peak of Profhilo on my skin 1 month after the treatment. 

It is recommended to have 2 injections of Profhilo twice a year, with the results lasting for 6 to 12 months. 

Do You Need Profhilo?

This is the key question for everyone, I’m sure! Personally, I love how Profhilo has improved the quality of my skin. It does not give a 360 degrees change to how you look and can’t be measured like a smaller jaw or an increased height in your nose bridge. The difference that Profhilo give is a qualitative subtleness. You can expect brighter, plumper and a much more youthful skin texture on a cellular level – a feat that no skincare is able to achieve. 

If you are someone who is facing ageing skin, problems like the loss of skin elasticity, skin dullness or fine lines and wrinkles, you definitely should give Profhilo a try. I have seen amazing before & after pictures especially on the neck. Profhilo is definitely a breakthrough in the aesthetic industry as it doesn’t just give you immediate results, it also remodels the skin. The slow release technology of Profhilo will gradually improve your skin condition as it sheds years off your skin. I wish it will be approved for the use on the forehead because I have way too much expressions and the skin on that area definitely needs a pick-me-up. 

Thank you for reading my experience and I hope it helps you in making your decision when it comes to getting Profhilo. As usual, head to a reputable clinic and doctor for a consultation to get the best recommendation for your skin concerns.

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