November 10, 2021

Festive Glow up: 2 elevated beauty treatments at Dr Yvonne Goh Aesthetics

Future-proofing your skin

If you haven’t heard the buzz, Profhilo is the trendy, non-surgical procedure that everyone’s talking about. Here’s the lowdown: unlike a regular filler, Profhilo does not add volume nor alter the face shape. Instead, it nourishes skin cells by providing hydration from the inside out. Hence, it’s also known as ‘the injectable moisturiser’! It currently has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid compared to other skin boosters, stimulating tissue bio-remodelling with significant improvements in elastin and collagen. This results in better skin quality and elasticity!

Take it from Dr Goh: she recommends targeting the face and neck with a combination of HIFU and Profhilo. This is her winning formula to future-proofing her clients’ skin, while maintaining a natural look!

The HIFU treatment is a non-invasive procedure that helps you achieve a fresh and natural look. It uses focused ultrasound technology to target specific layers of the skin to lift and chisel facial contours. The best part? This treatment has no downtime at all!

Together with HIFU, Profhilo is injected into strategic points, customised by Dr Goh to enhance skin elasticity. The result? A supple, ‘bouncy’, tight, and basically good-as-new skin that glows! You’ll be looking all gorgeous and luminous this holiday season.

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