April 27, 2022

Vogue’s comprehensive guide to the best aesthetic treatments in Singapore

TheVogueSingapore beauty team dishes on the most buzzworthy aesthetic treatments as of late, from Profhilo to hyaluronic acid fillers.


What does it help with: Inner hydration deep within the dermis, skin lifting and tightening with bio-remodelling anti-ageing effects, particularly on the cheeks, laugh lines, fine lines and overall complexion. “Think of Profhilo as an injectable moisturiser with skin remodelling benefits, reversing signs of ageing like skin laxity and loss of elasticity,” says Dr Rachel Ho of La Clinic, who lauds it for its ability to “enhance collagen and elastin formation and stem cell viability in the skin.” Unlike other injectable skin treatments which have only been shown to build collagen, Profhilo with its higher concentration of hyaluronic acid complexes builds both elastin and collagen to strengthen the scaffold of the skin, making it an efficient way to future-proof your youth while enhancing your skin’s radiance. One session lasts about 6 months in the skin, according to Dr Ho.

How long does it take: Profhilo has just five injection points on the face and takes less than 10 minutes, however the numbing process and prep work should set you back 30 minutes.

Downtime: Minimal swelling for one to two days; there may be sensitivity around the injection site but the treatment is nothing that arnica cream and ice can’t remedy. “Bruising is very rare and if that happens, it usually lasts less than a week,” says Dr Ho.

Vogue recommends: Armed with a steady hand and positive bedside manner, Dr Rachel Ho precisely pinpoints the five points on the face, injecting Prohilo with maximum skill and minimal discomfort, even in the chin area which seems to be the ‘touchiest’ spot of them all. A walking encyclopaedia for all things skincare, tap on her expertise on ingredients and the latest skin trends while in her beauty hot seat⁠—Dr Ho is ever enthusiastic about sharing her current skincare duds and obsessions.

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