January 19, 2021

Needleless Profhilo is not an approved method by IBSA Derma

NEEDLELESS PROFHILO or NEEDLE-FREE PROFHILO, is this method of administration approved and recognised by IBSA Derma?

This has been a controversial topic, be it needleless, needle-free or without needles, none of this method of administration is recognised by IBSA Derma, the manufacturer of Profhilo. 
All claims and benefits of Profhilo Injectable are only achievable by injection as demonstrated in the multiple published clinical journals. The safety and efficacy of Profhilo Injectable are not applicable to other methods of administration. Both IBSA Derma and Neoasia DO NOT APPROVE the use of Profhilo Injectable in any other methods, other than the suggested Bio Aesthetic Points injection technique

Profhilo injectable is registered with Health Sciences Authority, Singapore as a Class D Professional-use only medical device. The only accepted Profhilo treatment procedure is via injections administered by doctors. Thus, medical spas and salons are strictly not allowed to purchase and administer Profhilo using any other methods.

Should there be any queries regarding this, feel free to reach out to us!