February 18, 2020

Profhilo- Skin Rejuvenation Treatment for Tired, Ageing Skin

My Mother is truly convinced by Celebrity Doctor Dr Ee’s professionalism and skills after her eye bag removal treatment.

Ever since her eyebag removal with The Clifford Clinic, she kept paying attention to the new treatments they have. How cute she is! HAHA! More “hiao” than me!

Her main concern now is her droopy skin, especially her cheeks area. She used to have nice apple cheeks when she was much younger 🙁

As she ages, the natural production of collagen and elastin slows down, and the amount of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in her skin decreases. It is understandable that this can cause the skin to lose elasticity and sag, creating the wrinkly appearance typically associated with old age.

She did Silhouette Face Thread Lift close to 1.5 years ago and it worked well for my Mom! It has already been quite awhile and the effect of the face thread-lift has gradually lost its effectiveness. You may read more about her face thread lift experience by clicking in!

After consulting Dr. Ee once again, he introduced a new type of treatment called Profhilo® to my Mom.

The innovation of Profhilo® is in its components (or lack thereof): No additional chemical stabilizers were used. It is a 100% pure HA-based product that effectively combats aging and sagging skin.

By stimulating fibroblast cells, Profhilo® increases natural collagen and elastin production in the dermis, ultimately leading to a “bio-remodelling” effect. In addition, the HA complexes can directly provide volume and structure to the face, reducing sagging.

After injection, Profhilo® naturally diffuses across multiple skin layers to improve skin laxity and hydration. Furthermore, natural tissue repair processes are stimulated and acne scars can be reduced. Overall, Profhilo® helps to achieve a more youthful look, similar to the effect of a Silhouette face thread-lift.

Profhilo® comes in pre-filled 2ml syringes. Before injection, the doctor will mark out 5 Bio Aesthetic Points on each side of the patients face, giving a total of 10 points. 0.2ml of Profhilo® is then carefully injected into each of these points. These points are strategically chosen to minimize risks to the facial blood vessels and nerves without compromising efficacy through diffusion.

Dr Ee started the treatment by making injection marks.

This treatment is certainly one of the best anti-aging treatments in the market and should certainly be considered if one is looking to improve their ageing skin!

Main benefits include:
• Firming, tightening and lifting effect on the skin
• Tissue and scarring repair
• Enhanced hydration
• Dewy and plumper-looking complexion
• No downtime and minimal side effects

There may be some minor discomfort during the injection but the treatment is relatively painless. There was minimal downtime after the treatment. Mommy resumed her daily activities as per usual right after the treatment.

A follow-up session is required after month with Dr Ee to check if everything’s alright! My mom absolutely loved that there were no visible side effects as the 100% pure HA used was completely harmless.

Anyone who is suitable for standard dermal filler treatment is suitable for Profhilo® as it is safer than most other HA-based treatments for skin aging. However, because everyone unique skin conditions, please consult Dr Ee to see if you are suitable for the treatment.

Head over to Joanna’s blog to see the photos.

Written by Joanna

Source: http://blog.myfatpocket.com/joannaspy/2020/02/18/profhilo-skin-rejuvenation-treatment-for-tired-ageing-skin/